RS005 – Monk Parker’s Lost World Radio I


Monk Parker is an expert when it comes to soothing and sad songs, crafting beautiful ones of his own, and collecting rare gems via his Lost World Radio. We were lucky enough to have him put together a mix of some of his favorites for us – evoking moods somewhere between the worlds of Wong Kar Wai and David Lynch – with Part II on the way.  A perfect soundtrack for bittersweet memories of lost worlds, now left far behind.

Check out his music here, and find more selections from the wonderful world of sad songs, here.


1. Jinhe Naaz Hai Hind Par (S. Hazarasingh)
2. Pone Tala Pone (Jupiter)
3. Capricorn (George Johnson)
4. Supannahong (Johnny Guitar)
5. Chieu Mot Minh Qua Pho (Khanh Ly)
6. Zamane (Baligh Hamdi)
7. The Persuaders (John Barry)
8. Bolero on the Moon Rocks (Peter Thomas Sound-Orchester)
9. Mal Au Coeur (Edwin Astley)
10. Black Cat (Scotty McKay)
11. Deklameh & Moosighi (Marzieh)
12. Delilah (Mike Baitch Quartet)
13. That Is the Desert (Walt Dickerson)
14. Buccheri Solo (Piero Umiliani)

Tags: classical, eclectic, jazz, sad, world